Customer Service for Sales

Customer Service for Sales is the leading customer service software for salespeople. It’s a CRM, service desk and help desk in one.

starting from £400 per agent per month

How it works

Sales and service

Requirement for customer support nd telesales,Reports and analytics,Governance and Productivity

Support and Telesales

Experienced telecallers availabel on part time, full time basis for one- time and on going engagements

Provirtual Platform

Hiring training assessments on boarding daily operations and collaboration

Customer Service for Sales

Your CRM

Integrate your service desk and communications channels with hire virtual assistantsl

One platform, four solutions

Provirtual Enterprise

Are you an enterprise with large scale operations? At Provirtual, you can outsource your entire CX operations to us on a fully managed service model. Since  Provirtual  is built on remote teams, it costs less to operate, is highly scalable and great for business continuity. Consider moving 20-30% of your on-premises capacity to Provirtual

Provirtual SME

Are you a startup or a small business with limited resources for CX? At Provirtual, you can hire virtual assistants CX teams and manage your entire CX process virtually in a single window. You can start your CX process at Provirtual with zero capex and build your teams as you grow

Provirtual On-demand

Why hire and maintain workforce that is occupied for just 3 or 6 months in a year? With Provirtual  On-demand service, we offer you any capacity and you pay only for what you use, be it for one time or for a short time. No on-going commitment whatsoever

Provirtual Surge

Different businesses have different types of demand surges, some are intra day, some are a couple of days in a week or a couple of months in a year and so on. The Provirtual Surge service fits your surge demand requiements perfectly. The service is fully managed by Provirtual and you pay as you go  without the commitment of overheads

Customer Teams


A platform that connects you with remote CX agents having expertise in Customer Service for Sales

These are professionals from varied backgrounds, pre-trained in in CX, looking for work from anywhere gigs and jobs. At Provirtual, you find freelancers, part time and full time job seekers, students etc


Provirtual currently has CX agents from the east, typically from countries like India, Philippines etc

Agents from India are proficient in English. You can also find agents proficient in French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic languages


English is the medium of education in India and the second most spoken language after native, needless to worry

Agents at Provirtual  are trained to speak slowly and have a crisp and neutral accent, easy to understand when spoken to


It’s simple, set up your project and agents matching your requirement will start applying

At Provirtual, you can manage the entire lifecycle of the agents within the platform. After hiring, you do training, onboarding, certifications within the platform. Further, we integrate into your CRM for the agents to go live and for daily operations, we bring back all the important stats for governace and productivity of the agents

Yes, at Provirtual you have a choice of 2 engagement models. 1) Self service – You manage your own CX process 2) Managed service – Provirtual manages your CX process in-house


You engage with the Provirtual operations team directly for managed services. You define the SLA and productivity metrics, Provirtual team delivers the outcomes and you will be assigned a dedicated account manager for collaboration.



Customer Service for Sales

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Customer Service for Sales

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