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Engineering & Architectural Services from overseas & Save 70%. We provide the Top 1% Of talent with skills like Digital Marketing / Sales.

For Buildings, Infrastructure Facilities, and more
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Top Reasons to Hire an Engineer & Architect Online

Vemtech boasts a wide range of architectural and engineering services, including 2D and 3D renderings, retail space planning, BIM drawings, electronic equipment design, panel layout, etc. Hire architects online and expect the same level of professionalism that you would in person.

In fact, when you outsource architectural engineering services to us, you get to save big on money that is better utilized for the growth of your business. Rest assured, with us, you only hire engineers and architects in South Asia with a minimum of 5 years of experience under their belt.

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360° Engineering Service Professionals


Design and draw with confidence knowing that our architects have the experience and know-how to tackle any project of any size. We also provide quality project delivery on time and within budget.

Mechanical Engineering

From CAD conversion to solid modeling, you can hire a mechanical engineer online and get all of the necessary skills with us. Our online engineers are able to provide easy collaboration for better results.

MEP Engineering

Get experienced mechanical electrical plumbing engineers to work on plant room layout design, fire protection systems, electrical diagrams, etc.

Civil Engineering

The online architecture design services of virtual employee are rendered by qualified civil engineers who have proven their efficiency in drafting and drawing projects with a strong track record.

Electronic Engineering

When you hire engineers from Virtual Employee, you get custom solutions. Whether you need a global position system (GPS) or a broadcast equipment, we have you covered.

Electrical Engineering

Our Architectural & Engineering Services provide access to experienced resources who are adept at executing electrical wiring diagrams, electrical designs and other similar tasks.

Construction Drawing

From architectural drawings to millwork drawings for architectural woodwork and cabinet & casework construction, outsource construction drawing services to virtual employees without worrying about whether or not the work is being done correctly.

Architectural Drafting

Outsourcing drafting work can be very expensive and time-consuming, but it also provides significant benefits in terms of cost savings, increased productivity levels, and overall competitiveness.

Architectural Visualization

Our 3D architectural visualization services offer a completely customizable set of services, perfect for existing and potential clients in the real estate and construction industries. We can help render everything from exteriors to interiors.

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Outsource Engineering & Architectural Services to South Asia

Gain the upper hand with online engineering and architectural services in South Asia

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Massive cost savings

Offshore architecture is a way to save money by outsourcing your design and structure needs for your home or business.

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Abundant technical talent pool

There are 2000+ architecture and engineering colleges in South Asia. They give you yet another reason to turn to South Asia for your studies abroad

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Time zone advantage

Outsourcing architectural services is quickly becoming a popular decision due to the benefits of 24/7 operations, the ability to provide a quick turnaround time, and an economical price.

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Services Architect

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Free Trial

It's always a good idea to be wary when hiring an online contractor for the first time. With virtual employee, you gain the ability to make an informed decision about their quality before you hire them.

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Dedicated Employees

Hiring architects as full-time employees who are also on a virtual payroll can help to mitigate the cost of building and maintaining a new space.

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Value for Money

With virtual employees, you can hire an architect online without having to hire a team. Not only is this cheaper for your company, but it also is much more convenient for you because with virtual employees

Data Security

One thing to be aware of is that you may find an architect online and hire a freelancer in fact, but your data is still at risk. A virtual employee has strict NDAs in place and ensures your data is in safe hands.

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Zero Overheads

Office rent, software and hardware costs, etc. may distract you. With virtual employee offshore architectural services, you focus on your business

Diverse Experience

We are able to provide junior, mid, and manager level architectures from South Asia according to your requirements.Our team of engineers and architects is able to provide a range of architecture services for you.

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Engineering & Architecture Process

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When designing a website, the process often begins with gathering information from clients to assess which of our online architecture services are best suited for their requirements.

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Scope & Planning

After you have hired an architect, this is when we will come up with a concrete plan of the job that includes their roles and responsibilities, schedules, and what they can and cannot do.

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Design & Drafting

We offer a one-stop destination for engineering and architectural services in South Asia by having our senior engineer oversee the process.

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The work done by outside architects should not have to be reviewed by in-house resources. We take responsibility for reviewing their designs and revisiting them, if needed.


As a leading provider of offshore architectural services, we have a rigorous quality control system. The designs are only handed over after an exhaustive check by our experienced designers.

Pick Your Engagement Model

Custom hiring models for hiring engineers and architects with proven expertise

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Dedicated Model

You can hire an architect online, an extremely exclusive one. You can speak to them or monitor their work online for free.

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Team Model

Hiring a team of architects and engineers can be quite costly. However, by paying for only one person's time, you won't have to worry about the cost being too high

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Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on the project, it is important to hire for 4-8 hours per day, or on an ad-hoc basis

Hire Engineers andArchitects Online In4 Easy Steps

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Brief Us

Why are you looking forward to outsourcing engineering and architectural services?

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Hand-pick the best resources

Check out the CVs of triple-vetted candidates. Hire engineers and architects who stand out from the crowd.

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Choose your team

Interview the selected candidates via phone or video conference. And before you opt for our services, you can also assign tests to the resources.

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Get Going

Satisfied with the results? Great. Hire an engineer or architect online right away and s/he will get down to working on your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing engineering and architectural services can be tricky. Choose wisely.

Who opts for your architectural rendering services?

Our architectural services are highly sought after by many construction professionals, architects, and designers throughout the industry. Our expertise in design is unparalleled, and our construction services are top-notch for our quality of work.

What all tools do you use and are good with?

Right now, there are countless tools available on the market that can help you and your team achieve your goals. The best thing to do is to hire people who are dynamic and constantly learning a new technology.

What’s the scope of your architectural design services?

We offer all-inclusive architectural and engineering services including floor framing plans, inverted ceiling drawings, door and window schedules, roof layouts, elevations, sanitation and piping plans, etc.

If my architect or engineer takes leaves, can I get a replacement?

Unfortunately, no, it's always best to opt for the team model. This way the other architects & engineers can carry on with their work while they devote their attention to that of the unavailable resource.

Is it possible to have a trial before I hire engineers or architects?

Yes. Get a 4-hour FREE trial before you hire engineering and architectural services online. Assess their skills and make an informed decision. A longer trial period can be arranged for, but it will be a paid one

What is your pricing structure?

Hiring architects online in South Asia on a prepaid basis is a great option for businesses looking to save on hiring costs and invest in the perfect build. Companies need to pay for the first month’s invoice, 15-day notice period fee.

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Architectural Services

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