Digital Marketing VA

To Save Your Time & Money

Our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants are highly skilled and trained. With consistent exposure to international clients, marketing campaigns, and the latest techniques they always outperform the tasks. They have the capability of activating massive growth inside your agencies whilst effectively managing your lead generation and marketing efforts.


Virtual Marketing Assistant's Services

Digital Marketing Virtual Employee will assist your busy marketing team and provide the ultimate support as the Marketing Manager. For your Agency they can become an asset to achieve baseline automation and to grow the agency.

CRM Management

Our Virtual Marketing Assistants are already well trained on CRMs like Zoho, Hubspot.CRMs are becoming need for every agency/business. As it is very helpful in retaining and growing customer base.

SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing

Every Agency / Business requires strong SEO, Bi-weekly Newsletters, and graphical / text content. Our Virtual Marketing Assistants are trained in effectively delivering quality work.

Facebook Ads, PPC

Our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants already have a strong understanding of PPC and Facebook Ads. They know what content is best for a specific target audience to gain maximum engagement.

Prospecting & Cold Outreach

Pro Virtual provides 1-week training to all of our Digital Marketing VAs on cold outreaching. In our training, we provide them with tested techniques of cold calling and email outreach.

How It Works

With our simple 4 - Stage Process, finding a new member to your team couldn't be easier.


CV collection

Discover & Match

First, we discuss your requirements and shortlist the best matching candidates from our talent-pool.


client disucssion virtual employee


Then, we facilitate Interviews for you, so you can evaluate the candidates the way you want and choose the best fit.


vetting process


After selection, we set up all relevant platforms and tools needed for the newest member of your team.


client interview virtual workforce


Continuously, we will assist in tracking the VAs performance and offer ongoing support throughout.


Trusted by Leaders

Once AGAIN, love working with Pro Virtual Assist! Great to work with, Easy to communicate with and work is always done on schedule! Looking forward to hire more.
brnadi virtual workforce
Brandi Kowalski
The Pro Virtual Assist team excelled above and beyond of what was asked and I am very happy with the results. They were very helpful across all boards and I would highly recommend them!
Burt Klien
The VE does all jobs excellently. He went out of his way to get it right and adapt to requirements. Communicated well, skilled and easy to work with. Will hire more VEs again.
Jason Myles
amercian homes online virtual workforce
savvy marketing west agency virtual workforce
Exit carolinas client of virtual workforce
meaf client of virtual workforce

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Why Pro Virtual ?

You need an assistant that’s just right, which is why we’ll carefully source your VE based on the experience, skills and personality traits you need. We’ve already done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Everyone in our team has passed our tough vetting and screening process and is ready to be managed directly by you.

Each employee provided by Pro Virtual Assist will go through up-front training according to your criteria, on top of their existing experience and abilities.

But it doesn’t stop there, they are supported with an expert bench of experienced team members and will regularly be updated on the latest trends and business practices.

If your employee is temporarily away on vacation, is promoted, or leaves, the transition is seamlessly managed by us. A new VE with existing knowledge is there to step in to ensure your Virtual Workforce stays intact.

Each VE’s device is fully integrated with our sophisticated Software, which offers :-

  • Time Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • Screenshot Capturing
  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Appraisals

By providing you with weekly insightful reports you can keep track of Performance and Productivity.

The majority of our VEs have perfect English and communication skills, with degrees from Western Universities and boast extensive experience working on international campaigns.

After orientation and training during the initial nesting period, expect a well rounded, flexible, and committed professional, eager to boost growth for your company.

What might seem like a very low salary in the West is actually a handsome amount for a professional living in most parts of Asia. Instead of recruiting a fresh graduate in your own country, partner with an expert in the industry from overseas with tons of experience, for half the price. 

Apart from the convenience of having an extra pair of hands, think of the money you will save as you are free from office costs and employee insurances and liabilities.

Our talented VEs do not work as Freelancers. They will be working only for you and focusing on your project alone.

Somebody who researches the market and explores new strategies, will always be more effective than somebody who rushes your project in just a few days. 

Our VEs will take a completely holistic approach to tackle new challenges and will strive to achieve targets for your company.

We believe in giving back to underdeveloped countries and 5% of our profits go to local charity initiatives.

By outsourcing a remote Employee, you are creating home based jobs for working professionals who reside in countries with less opportunities. Benefit your business while making a social difference.