Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts from overseas & Save 70%. We provide the Top 1% Of talent with skills like Digital Marketing / Sales.

Outsource Financial Accounting Services to Certified Professionals
Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Why Outsource Finance and Accounting Services to South Asia

Finance and accounting are among the most essential functions of a company as they play the pivotal role in balancing expenses and company growth. They encompass a variety of important business processes, like payroll, tax preparation, and financial analysis.

In short, the quality of your finance and accounts processes will have a direct impact on the success or failure of your company.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

360° Finance & Accounting Services

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

VE's payroll processing specialists have mastered the ability to report Payroll General Ledger, Payroll Tax, and more. They are also adept at processing payments and performing monthly reconciliation tasks, as well as other general ledger accounting related services.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation specialists offer a wide range of services, such as online preparation services and VAT return consulting, as well as sales tax return services and more. They specialize in preparing taxes for corporations.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

From Invoice processing, Accounts payables and receivables, Collections, Cash application, to Month-end closing process and Reconciliation, our Accounting experts are available for a plethora of key processes.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Bookkeeping experts who are well versed with the latest software used in trade of book-keeping, and specialize in custom reports, employee reports, break-up of expenses, general bookkeeping, and book-keeping clean up.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Financial Analysis

Get financial research, financial analysis, corporate financial statements, monthly and annual reports, analysis of portfolio structure, financial ratio analysis and more. We also do horizontal analysis, vertical analysis and short-term analysis.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Financial Management

You can also benefit from services such as interpreting financial reports, monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends, formulating strategic and long-term business plans, and analyzing competitors and market trends.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Finance Department to VE

Virtual Employee’s Outsourced Finance and Accounting services team brings a collective 50+ years of specialized experience to help you in all areas of the financial and accounting domain. One of the most trusted and reputable finance outsourcing companies in South Asia, Virtual Employee boasts of an impressive client base of 3021 clients spread across 30 countries around the globe.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Free Trial

Are you unsure if we are the right fit for your company? We offer a free trial of our services to assess our caliber and expertise.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Dedicated Employees

With a Virtual Assistant, you can say goodbye to the stress of working in a freelancing firm. The Resource is completely and exclusively dedicated to you.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Multiple Skills

Rely on our finance team to provide you with the necessary skills and expertise you need for your company's success.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Easy Communication

One of the most common tools that remote employees use to stay connected is communication. etc

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Zero Overheads

From office rent, infrastructure, to HR, accounts, and admin VE takes care of all the office-related tasks for you.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Your Own Offshore Office

Although they are known as "outsourcing" companies, to take full advantage of VE companies.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts
Dedicated Model

As a company, we offer you one dedicated finance & accounts expert who will help run your entire project.

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Team Model

Now, you can hire a team of individuals with mixed skill sets and pay for the equivalent of just one resource by hiring their scalar equivalents.

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Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

Depending on the amount of work, you can go for an 8-hour/day, 4-hour/day or ad hoc Finance & Accounts work.

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Hire Financial Experts For All Skill Levels

The Financial and Accounting team at VE is made up of junior, mid-level, managerial and senior managers who can address a wide range of financial needs with their experience in the industry.

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Experiencing the hands-on life of a tax accountant is one of the best ways to understand what it means to fully manage your company's finances

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Direct taxes are levied on income, capital, and profits. Indirect taxes are levied on goods and services that cross international borders.

A strong understanding of Forex trading is a necessity in the modern market, so it's a must to implement constant testing and have stops set to ensure that traders avoid losses.

With the ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections, AIs are a valuable tool in the finance industry.

Hire Finance & Accounts Experts

Working with a budget can take some time and requires a lot of planning and effort. However, by using the right techniques, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, from time to time.

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Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office and Tally ERP 9 as well as financial, accounting, budgeting, and controlling costs.

Hiring Was Never This Easy

Not only are we able to deliver better results in less time, but we can do this while providing a personal and customized service that you can trust.

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Brief Us

What kind of a finance tasks are you looking for?

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Hand-pick the best resources

We offer you screened CVs of our shortlisted Finance & Accounting experts.

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Choose your team

Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want to.

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Get Going

If you’re happy with the results, hire them straight away, and start instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by our finance experts?

The dedicated accounting experts hired from South Asia provide a wide range of services that are essential for any modern business to function efficiently. These include billing and bank reconciliation, payroll processing, computerized bookkeeping support, fixed assets management, accounts payable and vendor management.

What are the qualities of accounting professionals from South Asia?

South Asian accounting professionals are proficient in English and are renowned for their commitment to their clients. They have been hired from VE and can deliver customized finance and accounting solutions within the stipulated timeline.

What are the software and tools used by finance and accounting experts in South Asia?

Today's financial experts use a wide range of software to perform their tasks, such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, MYOB and Business Vision. These software can be used for any task to help improve company performance by centralizing all accounting information in one place.

How can we easily hire remotely working dedicated Finance and Accounting employees from South Asia?

It’s quite simple. You contact us with the requirements of your project and we will provide you with dedicated accounting professionals that can be interviewed over email or chat. These virtual staff will offer solutions tailored to suit your individual needs and fit into your budget.

How do I communicate with my employee?

When you outsource work to South Asia to Virtual Employee.com, we can provide your employee a telephone with a local number from your country. You can, thus, communicate via phone, e-mail, instant messengers, video conferencing, and/or Skype.

What shift hours can my virtual employee work?

Now you can have the business ease of mind that you deserve by having a virtual employee work any shift that you want, whether it is day, evening or night. The choice is up to you!

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