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Poster Design
Flyer and Leaflet Design
How Outsourcing Graphic Design

Helps Your Business to Grow

When you hire creative, out-of-the-box online graphic designers in South Asia it is important to remember that they can not only create your brand’s look and feel, but they can also be used to create exceptional collateral with your business. They are excellent at making a powerful first impression in the form of an advertising campaign or a website, which is crucial for a successful branding project.

Brilliantly designed and creatively visualized designs by virtual graphic designers instantly draw the attention of visitors, and serve as a powerful and eloquent communication tool for conversion. Without graphics, not only does any website, blog or marketing campaign appear dull and lifeless, but it also makes it more difficult to communicate with visitors.

Graphic Designing Services

Hire Graphic Designers Online

Corporate & Business Identity

Companies can create an engaging corporate identity from the ground up with a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing set of logos, company stationery, business cards, letter heads, and envelopes.

Flyers & Brochures

Grab attention and increase following through artistically designed brochures, flyers, billboards, and book covers. Since these are used as marketing tools, they should be appealing to the eye. They also need to be easy to read and understand.

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Marketing & Branding

These custom-built and responsive ads will dramatically increase your conversion rate and market share. In addition, they provide a solid ROI that can be achieved by businesses who are looking to maximize their return on investment.

Printing & Publishing

Make your printed work irresistible with a wide array of book covers, magazine designs, newspaper templates, and more. These design objects can help to put a professional look and feel on your published projects.

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Website Pages

Enhance the appeal of your website, landing page, and squeeze pages by including graphics that are as compelling as the written word.

Game Designing

A good design that flows with the narrative is essential to any online game. A poorly designed game in need of a graphic overhaul or a confusing interface will result in player frustration and lost revenue.

Photo and Image Editing

The visual appeal of photos and images is a crucial component of their digital content. Visuals play an important role in attracting potential consumers and should be thoroughly considered during the planning stages of any promotion campaign or digital marketing strategy.

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From gaming characters, art sketches, graphic illustration, comic illustration to contemporary food illustrations, website illustrations and book Illustration, our graphic designers are experts in the creative processes.

Vector Graphics

Our graphic design professionals are expert at bringing designs to life with highly creative and eye-catching vector graphics in a variety of rich colors. They've created stunning brand identities that can help your business stand out from the rest.

6 Amazing Benefits of Hiring

Graphic Designer from South Asia

Provirtualassist is among the top Hire Graphic Designers Online companies you can find in South Asia. They offer a wide range of graphic design services that range from branding to print design and website design. No matter what your brand’s needs are, their dedicated designers will deliver stunning visuals that effectively communicate your brand’s message and unique identity.

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Dedicated Resources

Hire Graphic Designers Online to work exclusively for you is becoming an increasingly popular option. They are able to create high-quality work with minimal supervision and give you total control over their output.

Customized Designs

Benefit from customizable designs, tailored to meet your unique requirements, and timely, accurate deliveries that take place in the shortest amount of time.

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Free Trial

One way to ensure that your graphic designer will be able to meet your needs is to take their services before they have been hired. This way, you can test their skill level and satisfaction level.

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Value for Money

Pay for a dedicated Hire Graphic Designers Online but get the expertise of our entire team and gain access to our entire creative network with one easy monthly subscription.

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Zero Overheads

The costs of office space and software, hardware, and infrastructure are not on you because virtual employee is the provider for all of these services.

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Diverse Experience

Now you can have a variety of Junior, Mid and Manager level Hire Graphic Designers Online by choosing how many hours they work and their hourly rates.

Why Outsource Graphic Design to South Asia?

Work With Top Talent at Unbeatable Costs

Hire Graphic Designers Online work to South Asia is becoming more and more common for organizations all over the world. Not only will you be working with some of the most talented designers in the industry but also be able to enjoy an amazing cost-savings while still receiving a high level of quality service.

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Massive Cost Savings

Save 5-10 times more than your local hiring cost while still enjoying premium level service with top-rated graphic designers.

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Vast Talent Poo

Boasting the largest talent pool in the world, South Asia has you spoilt for choice as you handpick the very best graphic designers in the country to work for you.

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Time Zone Advantage

Graphic design outsourcing agencies in South Asia have become very popular because of their convenience and time zone-based services.

Why South Asia

The 5-Step Custom Process

South Asia Digital Marketing Experts Follow


It is vital that the scope of the project be fully documented and thoroughly investigated to determine its strengths and weaknesses.


We create a marketing plan that includes content-based branding strategies and short-term business growth to ensure continued success for the company.


Our team of Internet Marketing specialists will promote your website/blog/app on search engines, social media and display networks.


Our team of online marketing experts in South Asia works to fine-tune your marketing campaigns, content, and design to improve the overall performance of your business.


We monitor and report the performance of your business marketing to help you optimize your campaigns. We track visits, traffic, and conversion rate for you.

Hiring Online Graphic Designers

Was Never This Easy!

Our innovative business model enables you to overcome the complications of traditional outsourcing because you get to choose who you want to work with. We offer a wide range of outsourcing strategies that are tailored for your company’s specific needs.

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Talk to us

What kind of a Graphic Designing job are you looking for?

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Handpick the best

We offer you screened CVs of our shortlisted Graphic Designing experts.

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Build your team

Interview selected candidates via phone or video conference. Assign them tests, if you want.

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Get going

If happy with the results, hire them straightaway and start working.

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Why hire Graphic Designers from Virtual Employee?

Our in-house team of 50+ professionals has a number of designers and graphic artists, with an additional 100+ virtual employees who are skilled in all kinds of graphic design. They are known to come with impressive certifications, degrees, and past experience that is loaded with rich knowledge.

Is hiring Graphic Designers from South Asia safe?

Yes. South Asian graphic design outsourcing companies are safer than even those in Europe. The strict Cyber Laws and pro-outsourcing government policies make South Asia a very stable destination for outsourcing.

Will my hired Graphic Designer work in my business hours?

Yes, we cover all time zones. Your dedicated graphic designers can work: a) your shift hours, b) overlapping shift hours, c) South Asia shift hours, whatever suits you best

How do I communicate with my hired graphic designer?

Virtual employee can provide your hired graphic designer a telephone with a local number from your country. You can communicate via phone, email, video conferencing or through Skype.

Can I hire more than one Graphic Designer?

Of course! The scalability of our service is one of its best parts. It is easy, painless, and quick to hire as many graphic designers as you need with us.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

If you are interested in getting a free trial with your shortlisted graphic designer in South Asia, then yes, that is possible! But if you want to exceed the time limit of this trial, then that will be a paid one.

Creative Graphic Designing Services Across

All Industries & Domains

If you are in a domain that relies heavily on communicating with your target market and influencing them, then most certainly outsourcing graphic design services is a must for your business.

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Public Relations

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Website Development

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Educational Institutions

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Game Development

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Travel & Hospitality

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