Infrastructure Services

Digital infrastructure is a critical part of any successful business, and it is the backbone for everything from behind-the-scenes work to the customer-facing aspects of your company. It must be reliable and secure so that you can operate smoothly in all areas of your business.

From network hardware in your Datacenter to software licenses, our expert engineers will design your entire IT infrastructure to meet your performance needs with affordable rates.

Exchange and Active Directory

Resources management is essential for any system, and we can help you with this. Our experts are specialized in Microsoft business support technologies such as the Windows OS and Exchange. They provide various services that include.

Infrastructure Solutions

NGT solutions have a team of industry-leading experts in marketing that are familiar with leading brands in the market, including IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Vmware, Citrix, Cisco, Dell and many other vendors. We offer comprehensive support across the spectrum of marketing services and strive to meet your expectations to achieve higher level of success for our clients.

Network Operations Center:

NGT solutions provide well-managed network services to our global clients to ensure smooth operations, including infrastructure health, Network Performance, and high availability of applications.

With our team of experts and thorough monitoring, we are able to provide you with the best networking solutions. We are certified and all of our networking is monitored to ensure that all your network performance is going to be up to the mark—without any delays in the services.

Our team of experts have helped clients in a variety of industries and settings with their hardware, datacenter, and managed service needs. They work in a way that not only solves your network, security, application, and cloud challenges but also makes sure that all of these services are up and running.

Data Center Management

Helpdesk Support


Network and Security Services with advanced config. Network routing protocols ( config, troubleshoot )

Switching Protocols ( config, troubleshoot )

NG Firewall Config. & Troubleshoot

Why Us

Service Technologies

Routing Protocols


NGFS, Routing ( Static & Dynamic ), SSL, IPSec VPNs

Load Balancing ( b/w ISP links )

Zero Down Time updation, Profile Filtering

Traffic Monitoring

Firewall Management

Splash / Captive Portals, DHCP Server, Upgrade Firmware, HA

VDOMs Management, AD Server Auth

Traffic shaping, Policies, SD-WAN Config.

Our Projects

End To Configurations In Core & Access Layer ( Layer mid & Distribution )Implementation

Our Certifications



NSE ( 1, 2 , 3 & 4 )

HCIA Security

HCIP ( Routing & Switching )

HCSA Sales IP Network

How do we resolve your issues?

Already discussed

What small services we can give for free ( company entry point )

Full survey with a consultation call. With Network diagram of existing & proposed system. Elaborating the flaws in the network. Finding the existing flaws

Available Resources

3- 4 years Network, EngineersNetwork Security Engineers ( 4-5 years of experience )

Limitations in remote working

Client Insecurities

Mode Of work


You need an assistant that’s just right, which is why we’ll carefully source your Virtual Assistants based on the experience, skills and personality traits you need. We’ve already done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Everyone in our team has passed our tough vetting and screening process and is ready to be managed directly by you.

Each Virtual Assistant provided by Pro Virtual Assist will go through up-front training according to your criteria, on top of their existing experience and abilities.

But it doesn’t stop there, they are supported with an expert bench of experienced team members and will regularly be updated on the latest trends and business practices.

If your Virtual Assistant is temporarily away on vacation, is promoted, or leaves, the transition is seamlessly managed by us. A new VA with existing knowledge is there to step in to ensure your team stays intact.

Each VA’s device is fully integrated with our sophisticated Software, which offers :-

  • Time Tracking
  • Activity Tracking
  • Screenshot Capturing
  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Appraisals

By providing you with weekly insightful reports you can keep track of Performance and Productivity.

All of our Virtual Assistants have perfect English and communication skills, with degrees from Western Universities and boast extensive experience working on international campaigns.

After orientation and training during the initial nesting period, expect a well rounded, flexible, and committed professional, eager to boost growth for your company.

What might seem like a very low salary in the West is actually a handsome amount for a professional living in most parts of Asia. Instead of recruiting a fresh graduate in your own country, partner with an expert in the industry from overseas with tons of experience, for half the price. 

Apart from the convenience of having an extra pair of hands, think of the money you will save as you are free from office costs and employee insurances and liabilities.

Our talented VAs do not work as Freelancers. They will be working only for you and focusing on your project alone.

Somebody who researches the market and explores new strategies, will always be more effective than somebody who rushes your project in just a few days. 

As you Hire Virtual Assistant from us, they take a completely holistic approach to tackle new challenges and will strive to achieve targets for your company.

We believe in giving back to underdeveloped countries and 5% of our profits go to local charity initiatives.

By outsourcing a Virtual Assistants, you are creating home based jobs for working professionals who reside in countries with less opportunities. Benefit your business while making a social difference.