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Medical Process Outsourcing is a leading provider of outsourced medical billing, coding and transcription services for invasive facilities.

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Why Outsource Medical Process Services to South Asia

South Asia has emerged as a major hub for outsourcing medical services, thanks to its educated and English-speaking population. South Asia is able to provide every service imaginable to cater to the outsourced medical needs of any client, from the simple process of coding and billing, to the more complex process of medical process management that includes insurance claims.Is a tedious and time-consuming process for healthcare providers who need to focus on in-house patient care and medical emergencies. With new and evolving industry reforms & regulations and healthcare IT innovations, medical management has become a more complex process for all parties involved.

The robust IT infrastructure in South Asia is updated and well suited to handle the global workload of healthcare business process services, and it is able to do so thanks to its suite of medical process experts that are on par with international standards.Our dedicated medical process experts bring sound knowledge of healthcare IT and a sharp business focus coupled with awareness of healthcare regulations to deliver value-added medical process outsourcing services to our global clients including medical practitioners, hospitals, and others who are looking for high-quality care at competitive service levels.

Our global clientele includes a variety of clients from solo physicians to hospitals and medical facilities, multiple insurance carriers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Clinical services outsourcing to South Asia can help you optimize the staff requirements for your healthcare providers.

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360° Medical Process Outsourcing Services

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Medical Billing Services

VE Medical Billing Services is a medical billing outsourcing service that is essential to the success of any practice or department. We can reduce your costs and streamline the process.

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Medical Coding Services

Our highly trained medical coding specialists are able to implement a seamless integration between existing software and hardware to make sure that all important information is being coded in the right way to create consistency throughout the system.

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Medical Data Entry Services

Now, unify all of your medical records, including medication records, surgical treatment records, clinical & healthcare records, tests or lab data records and much else to eliminate duplication and other errors.

Medical Record Indexing

Medical records indexing is a key component of the comprehensive data storage and retrieval process that is used by medical professionals.

Medical Image Enhancement

Medical images have always been important in clinical work, but now they are slowly becoming even more so as they are becoming more and more important in diagnosing a variety of diseases.

Teleradiology Services

Teleradiology has become one of the most in-demand medical fields as hospitals find that accurate interpretation of medical images is essential for providing fast care, and timely solutions.

Medical Transcription

The Speech Recognition Transcription service transcribes voice-recorded files dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners across a range of content including medical reports, notes taken during lectures and interviews.

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Insurance Verification

Accurate and timely information regarding insurance coverage, and determining whether a patient is able to pay for healthcare services, is essential to a critical insurance verification task.

Medical Accounts Receivable

It is necessary to hire professional experts in medical billing and coding to keep an eye on all the medical accounts receivable invoices that will be sent out to insurance companies and patients for the care rendered.

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Software Used by Your Medical Process Experts at VE

VE’s medical professionals are well-versed with the latest healthcare software

Adanced MD
Collaborate MD Imagine
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Healthcare Outsourcing Services to South Asia

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Massive Talent Pool

Discover a vast array of diverse medical process skills in South Asia where there is the largest talent pool in the world.

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Time Zone Advantage

While your competitors may still be asleep, you can get to work and complete tasks well ahead of them.

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Amazing Cost Savings

With our recruitment services, you can save thousands per hire and re-channel those massive savings into growing your business.

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6 Benefits of Hiring Medical Process Experts from VE

The Financial and Accounting team at hire virtual assistants is made up of junior, mid-level, managerial and senior managers who can address a wide range of financial needs with their experience in the industry.

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Dedicated Employees

With VistaEdge, you can bid goodbye to the frustrations that come with being a freelance worker as your one and only medical process expert will work exclusively and dedicatedly for you.

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Free Trial

Unsure if we are the right fit for your organization? Contact us first to assess our capabilities and skill before hiring us. It is important to be fully satisfied with your choice of agency before making the decision to hire.

Multiple Skills

We're an expert medical process staffing company that can help you hire junior-level, mid-level, and senior-level professionals. With the diverse set of skills and experience on our team, we're committed to making your job easier.

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Easy Communication

We provide multiple communication channels that are enabled to help you get in touch with a virtual healthcare process expert, all of which are completely accessible through our website.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Virtual Employee program is a risk-proof way for you to be engaged with our company. We offer a 100% money back guarantee that ensures your satisfaction, so you have nothing to lose by enrolling in the program.

Your Own Offshore Office

With Virtual Extension (VE) medical processes, you don’t really outsource but instead get a world-class, fully supervised extension of your own local office here in South Asia.

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Outsourcing in Hospitals

We have 3 flexible options for you to hire medical outsourcing experts

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Dedicated Model

Hire a dedicated medical process expert to work exclusively for you. Get complete control over your employee and project by outsourcing the key component of your company's success.

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Team Model

Hire virtual assistants a team of qualified individuals who have different skillsets in medical process management, but pay for the equivalent of one resource.

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Full-time, Part-time or Ad-hoc

As per the amount of work, you can either go for an 8-hour/day or 4-hour/day medical process outsourcing work; alternatively, you can also opt for ad hoc medical process outsourcing work to complete small tasks

Hiring a Medical Process Expert Online Was Never This Easy

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Brief Us

What are your medical process outsourcing tasks?

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Hand-pick the best resources

Browse through and handpick from the shortlisted resumes

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Choose your team

Interview candidates directly and hire only if satisfied

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Get Going

Happy with the results? Hire straightaway and begin work

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Got a Question on Medical Process Outsourcing For Us?

How do I benefit by outsourcing medical processes to you?

Apart from the obvious cost savings, you also benefit from a 24-hour support and the assurance of offloading even last-minute medical processes work to a dedicated resource.

What shift hours can my virtual employee work?

Your virtual employee can work your shift hours, overlap your shift hours with other employees, or work during South Asia shift hours. This will depend on what would work best for you.

How easy is it to scale up and down with VE?

Very easy. All it takes is an email from you to our HR department and you can ramp up or down with your staff here with us

Is it possible to have a test or trial with an employee?

Yes, you may have a 1-week free trial with an employee. If you want to exceed this time limit, then that will be a paid one.

Is outsourcing to South Asia safe?

South Asia outsourcing companies are considered one of the safest options for IT and business process outsourcing. A recent study has ranked South Asia outsourcing companies as safer than even those in Europe.

How do I communicate with my employee?

When you outsource process work of your medical practice tasks to VE, we provide a telephone with a local number for your country. This will give you access to the process and it can be done by phone, email, instant messengers, video conferencing or Skype.

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