We are the First Ever to offer Offshore Workspace

Keep your business operations Offshore to cut maximum cost while having complete control virtually.

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Offshore Workspace

With Offshore WorkSpace you can keep your employees Offshore with an office where they can sit and work together.

With an office Offshore, you can cut massive costs in terms of rent, employees salaries, utilities & extra liabilities.

With our smart system, you can effectively monitor, track, and analyze the team with a seamless experience.

Everything In Your Control

Thumb Print Attendance

CCTV Camera

Instant Meeting Call

Employee Activity Check

Project Progress

Team Progress

Individual Employee Progress

Daily / Weekly Report

Dedicated Team Manager

Contact Individual Employee

Instant Employee Replacement

Instant Hirings

Everything We Offer


Office Setup

Office Management

Instant Employee Replacement

Payroll Management

Employees Screening

Employees Legal Contracts

Equipment Availability

Productivity Tools

Our System to Monitor


Dedicated Manager