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While the price of software development has gone up, the cost of living in South Asia  is still lower than the rest of the world. The South Asia  IT industry is expected to touch $100 billion by 2020 and there are plenty of job opportunities for professionals with related skillsets such as software development.

South Asia  has been consistently ranked as the top destination for global businesses and startups. The country’s growth in skilled labor, low cost of living and diverse culture are some of the many reasons why many companies make South Asia their first choice when they need to expand. However, it is important for businesses to partner with a trustworthy offshore partner as well. Virtual Employee has been dominating the software development land for decades now.

With a remote software development team, you get the best of both worlds- a team of highly skilled developers and an agile business with smart ideas. Our remote development team is available 24/7 to help you build your product and keep it on track.

You could be facing any of these 3 common predicaments:

The good news is that south Asia can be a one-stop solution for all these 3 concerns.

Your project is stuck and you need to start immediately

You need help with an ongoing project

You have planned your project and are looking for software developers

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Hiring Remote Developers

Ruby on Rails

Remote software developers use Ruby on Rails to create complex applications that are not only manageable by the company but also cost-effective. With this framework, developers can easily create websites for any and all types of consumers who have different needs and can easily be updated with new features.

Full-Stack Development

Our full stack developers enjoy a rich expertise in both front-end and backend technologies. Their expertise is so broad that they can easily customize the presentation layer, business logic layer, or even the database layer of your web application.

Experienced Developers

50 percent of Fortune 500 companies have software development centers in South Asia . Software companies can hire this talent for free from our pool of 750+ in-house software developers who have worked with US and UK companies for at least five years.

Rapid Scalability

With just an email to our HR, it is possible to scale a remote team down by as much as half. Alternatively, if you need to hire more software developers quickly, another email to our HR can help you go from 1 to 5, within days

Collaboration in Real Time

South Asia time zone advantage can help you stay ahead in the global marketplace, even though your software development team at South Asia will gladly work around your business hours. We believe that communication is crucial for consistent collaboration across departments and levels of management.

Complete Ownership of Code

Many companies now partner with South Asia to provide a dedicated resource that will expertly handle their software development needs. This means that your source code is under your ownership and won't be available for anyone else to use or copy.

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Outsource Software Development Services to South Asia

World’s Largest Technical Talent Pool

On average, hiring software engineers in the United States takes 35 days. With the help of the South Asia , you can hire not one but several software developers in just 8 hours. The reason behind South Asia dominance of software development is that almost 200,000 software graduates are employed by the IT industry every year

English Language Proficiency

With over 125 million English-speaking citizens, South Asia is the world’s second largest English speaking country and the United States is the world’s top-ranked English speaker. South Asia software developers are able to communicate with their global client in both written and spoken language fluently, with their global clients being impressed by their skills.

Time Zone Advantage

With businesses recognizing the need for speed, South Asia time zone advantage has allowed it to create a faster turnaround time and a decrease in the time to market - both of which can be used as a competitive advantage for businesses.

Massive Savings on Operational Costs

With software developers from South Asia, you’ll enjoy huge savings on salaries, office overheads and operational costs while staying well within your budget. You can also channelize the saved money into growing your core business.

Flexible Engagement Options to Suit Every Budget

Switch Seamlessly Between Models

Want a Dedicated Resource?

Apply for a software developer in South Asia who works exclusively for you as your dedicated employee and will likely be more cost-efficient than a non-exclusive freelancer. Your time is valuable and you also retain complete control over your project.

Want Your Own Team?

Get to work with a team of individuals with a range of different skill sets, who have deep experience in their field and are all guaranteed to be available for support throughout your project. Plus, free Senior Tech Lead!

Unsure of What You Want ?

With the volume of work you are doing fluctuating, it might be a good idea to get some more hours in order to keep up with the pace you want. That is why we offer our ad-hoc service - it allows you to buy as much time as you need, get paid by the hour, and scale up if needed.

From Concept to Launch

Our 6-step Software Development Process


It is vital that the scope of the project be fully documented and thoroughly investigated to determine its strengths and weaknesses.


User interface and user experience designers are a very important part of the design process. They are responsible for designing software in accordance to the requirements of the system and its users.


The coding or implementation of the new software is based on the design documents that were created during the system's development.


The code is developed in a top-to-bottom process, from coding to testing. The code is then subjected to rigorous functional and non-functional testing before release.


After you have tested the project and it is ready, we will deliver it and then we will deploy it.


The final step is to continually upgrade and maintain the software that has been developed over time.

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Save on hefty local recruitment fees (upto $30,000 per developer) as well as lengthy waiting periods to hire the software developers you want.

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Tell us the kind of software development tasks you are looking for.

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Spreading Our Software Development Expertise

Across a Multitude of Industries & Domains

Education & e-Learning

Media & Entertainment

Banking & Finance

Travel & Tourism

Data Entry For Hire

Retail & Ecommerce

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Outsource BPO Services


How good are your remote software developers?

With high recommendations from their global clients, South Asia is the world leader in offshoring software development with over 500+ client video testimonials that cannot stop raving about their service.

Are your software developers certified?

Virtual Enterprise's remote software developers have impressive global certifications from recognized giants like Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle. In addition, their teams keep upgrading their skills through self-learning and trainings

How can I track the progress of my project?

We are thrilled to announce that South Asia is now available for collaboration. With South Asia , you have the ability to track progress by using our project management tools, ask for daily or weekly reports, and have regular audio or video calls to see a working version of the product with fixes and/or improvements.

Can I change some project specs on the go?

As you are now working with a full-time employee, you have the freedom to change or modify the specifications of your project. You enjoy total flexibility at your disposal so that you can create the software that works best for your company.

How do I communicate with my software developer?

All internet-based services like Terms, mail, conversation, text and audio/video calls can be used in conjunction with software developers at South Asia to work in complete co-ordination.

Is it possible to have a test or trial with an employee?

Yes, you may have a no-obligation 1-week free trial with your employee. If you want to exceed this time limit, then that will be a paid one.

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