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As expenses grow and money becomes devalued, businesses have started to think critically about cutting costs without sacrificing productivity. The world has already evolved a lot where businesses started outsourcing work offshore to cut costs in terms of salaries, liabilities, and other expenses. There are different methods people are using to hire employees offshore, but all have their pros and cons. None are perfect, especially for people who want to build a team. Reports provide detailed descriptions of a company’s progress whether it’s just for a particular month or the entire year. Aside from texts, reports are best filled with charts, graphs and tables to present accompanying numerical data in a clear and easy-to-read manner.

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There are a lot of benefits to hiring employees locally. It is great for the company as they can hire people with the same cultural and work e thics. But hiring employees locally can be costly when it comes to salaries, extra liabilities, and office space, whereas the job positions like Digital Marketing Experts, Software Developers, Sales / Support Executives, Admin / HR can easily be done remotely. This is why companies prefer hiring remote employees instead.



It’s been a long time since people have been using freelancers to get their work done. Some people use LinkedIn to hunt for talent and hire them for specific tasks, while others use freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and more.


Freelancers are getting one of the best choices if you want someone for a small
task and you may hire him or her again for some other task later.

  • Freelancers are great to hire for short-term projects, but not for long-term projects
    because they work with multiple clients each day. It is difficult to hire a freelancer
    for a 9–5 job with 100% attention.
  • It’s hard to find the right freelancer for your
    work with easy and secure payment methods.

Companies and Agencies

Agencies and companies are always a great choice to hire for your work. Some people hire local companies to get their work done and others hire offshore to cut costs. There are several departments like sales, marketing, a development which companies prefer to have their own employees instead of hiring.

As companies are already working in that specific niche, they have experience in
executing your work professionally.

  • It usually costs a lot more to hire an agency and company for your work.
  • You can never build your own team always
    rely on the company.
  • Less or almost no control on end employee working for you. It’s hard to find the right company for your
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With Covid, businesses realized the departments that require physical customer interaction are not the only ones
that can work remotely. That is, only 20% of the company’s operations, and can also be minimized.



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We are the first to have such a solution for the problem ‘An Offshore Team with an Offshore Workplace'

We are a Londonbased Offshore Agency that provides Virtual mployees who work remotely, and fully customized teams that work together in a physical offshore workplace, just like a regular 95.

Monitor your virtual team live and delegate your tasks to boost your business on a budget.

Hiring Virtual Employees from different regions can sometimes cause coordination issues which will compromise work quality and affect productivity.

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The Financial and Accounting team at VE is made up of junior, mid-level, managerial and senior managers who can address a wide range of financial needs with their experience in the industry.

Full Stack Developer 2+ years experience ( $15 per hour )
Digital Marketer 2+ years experience ( $10 per hour )
Sales /Support/ Admin 2+ years experience ( $8 per hour )
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We provide a full-featured  officeenvironment for your employees, so they work as a regular 9–5 and take their work more seriously. The best part is you get Premium Support at Low Costs. Not only do we provide high-tier Talent from overseas, but you are also free from office costs and employee liabilities.

End To End Talent Hunt Solution

Spacious Workplace For Your Team

Full CCTV Access Of The Workplace

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Dedicated Manager For Your Team

Hire Animator & Video Editor

Screen / Performance Monitoring

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Instant Contact With The Team

Data Entry For Hire

In-house Tea, Coffee, And Water Facility

Data Entry For Hire

Fast Internet & Full Office Equipment (Laptops, Extra LEDs, Headsets, Printers)

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HOW MUCH YOWe hunt the top talent to build your Custom TeamU SAVE?

With our 3tier headhunting process, we always ensure the candidate is a good fit for your company.

Office Expenses
Extra Liabilities
Talent Hunt
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With Unmonitored performance and those frequent breaks, It is always a hassle to track whether your employees are actually working during office hours.

It is hard to expect that all of your employees will have stable internet connections for zoom calls and work.

It is evident that man cannot live or work alone, and that most people find it difficult because of this employees take their work less seriously, as they are not sitting in an office environment.

It is claimed that working remotely can lead to increased productivity, but with all the tempting distractions like Facebook, Netflix, Family, and naps, it can also lead to decreased productivity.

With the lack of Community and Network, it is challenging to spend long hours in front of a computer screen and working with remote teams without physical interactions.

With the lack of office equipment and security concerns, it becomes difficult to work and output the same performance that is expected.

Working remotely can be a disadvantage for some employees. Some may forget to clock out, leading to extended work hours. This can result in employee burnout and added stress. Whereas working in an office helps to draw the line between professional and private life.

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